'Explain' questions are asking you to give reasons why something may happen and why something may/may not be used. In answering explain questions, you should follow the PEE acronym:
  • Make a Point.
  • Explain or give reasons why this point is important.
  • Evidence your reasons with an Example.

Explain questions are therefore asking you to expand your answers. Consider using appropriate linking phrases such as 'this could lead to' or 'this could mean' to introduce the Explanations for your Points.

Explain why an approach may be used to develop the Social factor. (4).

'Team Building Games is an approach performers may use to develop the Social factor.'

'One reason why Team Building Games could be used is because they encourage performers to communicate with their teammates to solve a problem. This could mean they take this into a game and call for the ball when in space. This could then lead to their teammate who has the ball seeing them and passing to them start a new attack.'

'Another reason why Team Building Games could be used is because they are fun and give teammates opportunities to enjoy working together. This could mean a close bond is formed between them and them supporting each other on the court in both good and bad times. This could then lead to players stay resilient after making mistakes as they have the backing of their teammates.'

'Team Building Games could also be used because it provides opportunities for leaders to step forward and take control. This could mean the coach can appoint an appropriate captain who is vocal. This could then lead to the team being organised when defending as the captain communicates when and where to move as a unit.'

'Finally, Team Building Games could be used because teammates are encouraged to respect each others' opinions and feedback whilst problem solving. This could mean healthy relationships are fostered and teammates would be motivated to give their all in games as they do not want to let their teammates down. This could then lead to the team being hard to beat as they would all be giving 100% to fulfill their roles and responsibilities.'

  • The candidate has used the PEE acronym throughout their answer; once they have made a point, they have explained and expanded upon it.
  • Linking phrases such as 'this could mean' and 'this could lead to' have been used throughout to signify their intention to build upon a point.
  • With the question being out of 4 marks, they have provided 4 different explanations and expansions with a paragraph for each one having initially introduced their approach. This makes their work easy to mark.
  • Marks will never be awarded for just a point; you must explain and/or expand on this point.
  • IMPORTANT: you must read the question and justify whatever it is asking of you. This question is asking you to explain why something could be used, the exam however may contain questions asking you to explain why something may NOT be used.


Having looked at how to answer 'Explain' questions, we will now look at a command word which asks you to go beyond explaining something as you must analyse and break the process down before justifying why each part of this process is important.